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Feel the need to own an HMC Classic?

"The benfit with the HMC Classic, unlike any other replicas, is the fact that you can register and drive it anywhere in Europe"

Thomas Kümmerling 

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Create your own HMC Classic

Are you ready to create your own HMC Classic? We can custombuild a car in roughly 12 months, with everything you wish. Check out our options and get yours!

HMC Hemsida19.jpg

Used or in production

Sometimes you have to let go of your darlings. Giving a new home a HMC Classic should not be hard, thats why we are with you every step of the way. And dont neglect the already in production models, you might get yours sooner than you think!


With rigorous EU approval and safety testing, the Backdraft HMC Classic embodies a new standard of driving confidence. Its compliance with stringent regulations assures you of its reliability and roadworthiness, providing you with peace of mind on every journey.

Safety Tested

Your well-being is our top priority. The Backdraft HMC Classic has undergone thorough safety assessments to ensure that you're protected, from its meticulously engineered structure to its cutting-edge safety features. Drive with the assurance that your adventures are safeguarded by the best in class.

Modern Driving experience

The Backdraft HMC Classic isn't just a nod to the past; it's a celebration of the present. Experience the thrill of commanding cutting-edge performance, advanced technology, and responsive handling, all while relishing in the nostalgic aura of a classic design.




460 HP


1365 KG




Engine sound

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