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The Kümmerling family is delighted to have a business that interests the whole family. Daughter Cora is studying engineering which is a positive contribution to the family business. Additionally, son Jacob plans to become a business lawyer, which excites the family about the possibility of expanding the business and making it even more successful. Overall, Thomas and Asa are happy that their children are participating in the family business and are pursuing careers that will enable them to contribute to its growth and success.

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Thomas Kümmerling, CEO and founder of HMC Handmadecars, is a seasoned veteran of the automotive industry, with over 40 years of experience working with cars. A few years ago Kümmerling decided to start his own car manufacturing company, HMC Handmadecars. After visiting Tony Martin in South Africa, Thomas decided to bring the Backdraft Roadster to the European market. Together as a team, engineer B. Lidmalm, automotive technician E. Lubys and T. Martin modified and EU homologated a Backdraft Roadster to meet European regulations.

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