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Pick Up & Delivery

Experience the thrill of picking up your bespoke HMC vehicle firsthand. Our dedicated team ensures a memorable delivery, guiding you through every detail from final inspections to personalized walkthroughs. At HMC Handmadecars, we're committed to delivering not just a car, but an unforgettable moment that marks the beginning of your journey with us.


Pick up your car

You have the convenient option to pick up your item at any of our centers at no extra cost. This allows you the flexibility to collect your purchase at a location that is convenient for you, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Enjoy the freedom of choosing when and where to pick up your item, without worrying about additional charges.

Contact us for more information.

Get your car delivered

You have the flexibility to either pick up your item at any of our centers without additional charges or opt for delivery within the EEA for a fee of 10,000 SEK. Delivery to Nordic countries (excluding the Faroe Islands and Iceland) is free of charge.


This allows you to choose between saving costs by collecting the item yourself or enjoying the convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep within the EEA region, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Contact us for more information.

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