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Own an HMC Classic? Find nearby workshops for expert servicing. Keep your iconic car in top condition with professionals who understand its intricacies. Ensure a seamless ownership experience with convenient access to skilled hands for maintenance and care.

HMC Classic, a Backdraft roadster

Test Drive

At HMC Handmadecars, we offer the opportunity to test drive our HMC Classic for serious buyers interested in experiencing the performance and quality of our vehicle. To ensure we provide you with the best possible experience and service, you need to meet some conditions.


At HMC Handmadecars, we not only sell our vehicles, but also offer comprehensive repair services for our cars. Our skilled technicians are trained to maintain and repair HMC Classics with the highest level of expertise and care.


Whether it's routine maintenance, mechanical repairs, or custom modifications, we ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition. We use only the best quality parts and the latest techniques to provide reliable and efficient service. Trust HMC Handmadecars to keep your car performing at its best. 

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We offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your car stays in optimal condition. Our dedicated technicians handle everything from regular check-ups to preventative care and detailed inspections for HMC Classics. By using high-quality parts and the latest methods, we ensure your vehicle remains reliable and performs well.


Schedule your maintenance appointment with us to keep your HMC Classic in prime condition.

Pick Up & Delivery

We offer you the option to pick up the item at any of our centers at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can have it shipped within the EEA area for a fee of 10,000 SEK.


Delivery to the Nordic countries (excluding the Faroe Islands and Iceland) is free of charge. The choice is yours – save money by picking up yourself or opt for convenient delivery to your door within the EEA.


Our Partners Are Here To Help You

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