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Test Drive

We offer you the possibility to book a test drive for our cars before you make the final decision. Experience the thrill of commanding cutting-edge performance, advanced technology, and responsive handling, all while relishing in the nostalgic aura of a classic design.


How to book a test drive

To ensure we provide you with the best possible experience and service when testing our vehicles, the following conditions apply for test drives:

Test Drive Booking:
Test drives are by appointment only. Please contact us in advance to schedule your time.

Buyer Qualification:
We offer test drives to serious buyers who have undergone an initial consultation and shown genuine interest in purchasing an HMC Classic.

A refundable deposit is required to book a test drive. This ensures that only serious parties schedule a test drive.

Driver's License and ID:
A valid driver’s license and ID must be presented at the time of the test drive.

Terms and Waiver:
A liability waiver must be signed before the test drive begins.

Scope of Test Drive:
The test drive is limited to a specific time and distance, agreed upon at the time of booking.

By adhering to these conditions, we can offer an exclusive and focused test drive experience for our customers. Contact us today to book your time and experience the HMC Classic on the road.

Create your HMC Classic

Are you ready to design your HMC Classic? At HMC Handmadecars, we offer a fully customizable experience where you can select every detail to suit your preferences. From the exterior color and interior materials to the engine specifications, we can tailor your car to your exact desires.


Our skilled craftsmen will build your custom car in approximately 12 months. Explore our extensive range of options and start creating your dream car now!

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