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After Half a Decade finally Achieving EU Type Approved

HMC Classic comes with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) document, which shows that the car has been approved according to EU standards. 

What isEu approval?

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The HMC Classic is an EU type-approved Backdraft replica. It has undergone comprehensive testing, ensuring it's fully vetted and ready for the road, boasting modern drivetrain and meeting stringent safety standards.

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HMC Handmadecars, nestled in Vadstena, Sweden, is owned and operated by the Kümmerling family.

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At HMC Handmadecars, we have established partnerships for service and repairs, ensuring our customers receive top-quality maintenance and swift solutions for any vehicle needs.

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HMC Handmadecars is a certified automotive manufacturer. This certification signifies adherence to stringent industry standards and regulations, ensuring top-notch quality in every vehicle produced. The HMC Classic, having undergone numerous tests, complies with EU requirements, assuring safety and performance excellence.

Why we Exist

Listen to the interview with Thomas Kümmerling & Tony Martin. 



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